We are a multinational non-profit organization based in Stockholm

We help with:

Care in change
Help with integration in Sweden

Care in Change is our latest project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The goal is to help and support refugees from Ukraine, expand their network and provide essential skills for finding a job in Sweden. As part of the Care in Change project, we organize language courses, and events and offer mentorship program.
Language courses
In autumn 2022 we started our first free of charge language courses for Ukrainian refugees. We offer courses in both Swedish and English, located in different parts of Stockholm.

Humanitarian aid

Since the start of the war, a great number of volunteers started to get together at important locations and provide refugees with necessities, food, and information support. Together with a number of great companies we helped newcomers from Ukraine. Among those were: women, children, men, and their pets.
Our volunteers offer information support as well as help with translation, booking doctors appointments, mentoring, car rides for people with special needs and much more.
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