А motivated professional with a strong background in law and economics
Yuliia's unique blend of legal expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse experience makes her an ideal candidate and a valuable asset for any organization.
Yuliia is currently seeking office roles in Sweden, such as secretarial or administrative positions.

Yuliia holds two degrees – a Master's in Law and a Bachelor's in Economics – showing her dedication to education and professional development. She speaks English fluently and even spent four months in Canada to improve her language skills. This shows her dedication to communicating effectively in the global market.

Yuliia is also a passionate content creator and manages her own YouTube channel, "The Juridical Google," where she shares legal advice and insights.

Her background reflects a strong foundation in both the legal and economic fields, as well as a creative flair for content creation and communication.

Yuliia likes to exercise, yoga and she also has a background in martial arts, specifically kung fu. In the future Yuliia plans to expand her knowledge in cybersecurity or EU law, demonstrating her commitment to continued professional development.

Working Experience

Yuliia has 17 years of experience in various industries, including six years as a corporate lawyer in construction and insurance companies. In 2010, she founded her own legal consulting company, where she provided clients with expert advice on legal matters. Her diverse professional experience demonstrates her adaptability and strong work ethic.
What is great about Yuliia?

Yuliia's experience working in a team as well as running her own projects made her great at communication. She also possesses great analytical and critical thinking abilities. She is a quick thinker, a good listener, and has very good organizational skills.
Level of English: Fluent
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm, Lidingö
Lived in Ukraine: Kyiv
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