An innovative Frontend Developer, ready
to "code her way" to your team
IT • Technology
Yuliia is an active person who likes sports and a healthy lifestyle. She is interested in studying and improving herself as a frontend developer. Besides work, Yuliia enjoys reading and drawing.
Seeking opportunities in Frontend Development where she can leverage her programming skills

If you see an opportunity, take it! That is Yuliia's approach and that is how she developed her master's degree in accounting and auditing and bachelor's degree in commercial law into a progressive career as a Frontend developer.

Yuliia's journey started in 2020 when she successfully finished Frontend Developer courses at CyberBionic Systematics. Since then, she never stopped improving and continued gaining knowledge at SheCodes after she moved to Stockholm.


The new knowledge was immediately used in a couple of IT companies during internships. In the first company, Yullia worked with the development of a web application for a start-up and was coding in JavaScript(React, CSS, Node.js). After that, she started working on a project based on the Angular framework where she created new features and fixed bugs.

Currently, Yuliia is looking for an entry-level position in the company to use her programming skills, help complete projects on time, and improve her skills. Her versatile skill set in frontend development, attention to detail, and self-management abilities ensure she meets project deadlines effectively and keeps the passion for work throughout the project.
What sets Yuliia apart?

Her collaborative spirit shines in team environments, while linguistic versatility (ENG, SWE, UA, RU) is a valuable asset in global contexts.
Level of English: Fluent
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Kyiv
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