Youth Care in Change 2023

Workshops were organized with invited speakers, experts in their areas, on the following topics:
  • Labor market trends – issues of vocational training, language courses, opportunities for obtaining higher education and internships;
  • Determination of strengths and career opportunities;
  • Youth organizations as a way of integration for Ukrainian youth;
  • Coaching for youth – the opportunity to work with a coach through the "Wake me up" organization.
Leading experts from various fields shared their experience and knowledge, helping the participants in their development and revealing their potential.
Individual meetings
Individual meetings were among the key components of our program. They provided the necessary support to the participants in the development of their personal and professional goals. This aspect of the program helped participants feel more confident, navigate their actions, define their own goals and understand what steps need to be taken to achieve them.

Language Buddy

Understanding the difficulties of forming friendships in Sweden and the importance of the natural method of language learning (through communication), we launched the "Språk Buddy" program. The purpose of this program is to learn Swedish or English by the participants of our project in a natural context. All interested participants were matched with their Språk Buddies – representatives of Swedish youth. This provided the participants with a unique opportunity to communicate with locals, learn more about Swedish culture and life, as well as receive valuable information about opportunities to study or work in Sweden.
Additional events
In addition to professional development, the participants of our project had the opportunity of studying deeper the specifics of integration into Swedish society and culture. The following events were organized as part of the program:

Excursion-quest through the Old Town (Gamla Stan). The participants learned about the history of Sweden, guessed riddles and performed various tasks.

Coaching session "My best version of life". This event was aimed at self-discovery and development of the participants, helping them determine their life goals and ways to achieve them.

A trip to Orrefors. During the three-day trip to the city of Orrefors, Småland, the project participants stayed at the hotel of Goodness of People, an NGO that works with youth projects. There were quest-excursions to get to know the culture of the Swedish city and the locals, as well as group tasks aimed at identifying and solving problems that the participants face as young people in Sweden. In addition, job coach Oksana Olsson, who joined us on the trip, held several informal sessions with the participants.
These additional measures, in our opinion, contribute to a deeper understanding and successful integration of participants into Swedish society.
Attending events organized by Stockholms Stad.
The project participants had the opportunity to attend events organized by the Stockholm municipality to get to know the activities of Stockholms Stad.

Visiting the Spotify office.

As part of the program, a meeting was planned with employees of Spotify, one of the largest streaming services. The purpose of the meeting was to learn more about how Swedish organizations work, their work approaches, and how to get a job/practice at a Swedish company.
We are proud to meet our participants, who pleasantly surprised us with their talents, motivation and creativity! Their energy and desire for self-development have made our program not only meaningful, but also inspiring.
Each of the participants made a unique and vivid contribution to our project.
We hope that the Youth Care in Change program has been an important milestone in their lives in Sweden, and we are very enthusiastic to continue supporting our participants in the future!