A specialist with unique combinations of skills
Volodymyr is actively seeking employment opportunities in the logistics sector within the metallurgy industry in Sweden. Additionally, he is open to exploring roles that would allow him to use his background in electromechanical systems and automation.

Volodymyr holds a higher education degree from Donetsk National Technical University. His educational background is in "Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electrical Drive". He began his career in the metallurgy sector at the young age of 18, initially working as an electrical repair and maintenance technician. In 2011, he made a transition within the metallurgy field and worked in automation management until 2013. Following that, he was employed at Metinvest Holding, which is a part of the international conglomerate Illich Steel & Iron Works. He served Metinvest from 2011 to 2022.

Working Experience

From 2016 to 2022, Volodymyr's role at Metinvest evolved, and he took on responsibilities as a Logistics Specialist. During this time, he participated in the Young Leaders of Metinvest program, which was aimed at young professionals under the age of 35. The program offered career growth opportunities to those who successfully defended their project work. Volodymyr's exceptional project was recognized by the judges, and this achievement led to his position in logistics.
In his role as a Logistics Specialist, he coordinated transportation, dealt with border crossings, and managed schedules for the global distribution of metal products to various countries including CIS countries, almost all of Europe, the USA, and Saudi Arabia. He also worked with ferry transportations to Georgia and Turkey.

Strengths: Stress-resilient, team player, quick learner, active.

Hobbies and Interests

Volodymyr is passionate about basketball and represented his company in Ukrainian championships. Additionally, he loves technical work, particularly soldering automated boards.
What makes Volodymyr stand out?

With his background in electromechanical systems, automation, and logistics in the metallurgy industry, Volodymyr brings a wealth of experience that can greatly benefit Sweden's industrial sector. His ability to swiftly learn and adapt, coupled with his team-player mentality, make him a valuable asset for any organization.
Unique Ability:
Phenomenal memory for numbers, having memorized over 2000 city codes related to the distribution network.
Level of English: Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Beginner continues studying
Contact Volodymyr: yavorskiy.vladimir1990@gmail.com
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Mariupol
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