A creative florist with a background
in economics
Floral design
Valeriia brings her Ukrainian floral expertise to Sweden.
Looking for positions related to floral design such as florist, flower arranger, florist manager, shop manager, floral assistant, flower wholesale salesperson, etc.

Valeriia Torianyk is a talented and passionate professional seeking opportunities in the floral design industry. She is a bright example of a person pursuing their dream.

Valeriia has extensive experience in accounting, transport management, and event management. In Ukraine, she worked in the contracting department, 8 years in a utility company and 5 years in a hospital. During this time she was developing her hobby which is floristry and landscape design. Step by step, Valeriia's hobby has become her main profession as she chose to work with something that truly makes her happy – floral design.

A unique combination of skills makes Valeriia a valuable asset in any team. She brings a unique perspective to her work as a florist by a successful combination of analytical mindset and being able to highlight the beauty of nature. law, demonstrating her commitment to continued professional development.


Valeriia possesses exceptional skills in floral design, including creating beautiful arrangements, understanding color schemes, and selecting the perfect blooms for each occasion. She has completed courses such as "Flower Arrangement", "Floristics", "Ikebana" and has the relevant certificates.

She is proud to have been a part of the florists' team at Grand Hotel Stockholm, where she worked as an intern for 6 months. Valeriia is excited to grow further as a florist and apply her knowledge in the relevant industry.

Valeriia's story serves as a clear example of the potential when one combines their passion with their skill. She is a unique person who can add beauty and smart thinking to any team.
What makes Valeriia stand out?

Her remarkable ability to blend passion for floristry and landscape design with analytical skills.
Level of English: Upper-Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Kharkiv
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