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Walk through the Riksdag: 7 notes from a guided tour

ntegration into a new country includes not only finding a job and learning the language, but also understanding the cultural and political aspects. A guided tour at the Riksdag within Care in Change project became such an event of cultural integration. Together with the professional guide Katarina, the group learned how the Riksdag works, listened to its history and gained an understanding of how civil servants work and how everything is organized from the inside.
Highlights from the tour:

  • On September 12, the Riksdag is going back to work after the summer break, and the doors of the building will be officially opened by the King of Sweden himself. By the way, you can see this event if you are nearby on that day, or through the TV broadcast.
  • Democracy in action: parliamentary sessions are open to all, you can just come and listen. This does not even require prior registration, the main thing is to go through security. Then you can go to the balcony and listen to the meeting.
  • From the window of the Riksdag you can see the house of the Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • The Chamber of Deputies or Plenary Hall is the main hall of the Swedish Parliament. Debates are held here and decisions are made.
  • The grand staircase is made of different types of marble. It is used, for example, during the ceremonial opening of the Riksdag by the king.
  • The passage is a 45 meters long gallery with a dome-shaped ceiling surrounded by the historical coats of arms of 24 len.
  • In the octagonal hall of the second ward, the original interior of 1905 has been preserved, in particular, a wall painting under the ceiling.
Thank you to the group for your attention during the tour and interest in the political system of Sweden!

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund