Help in Change

Job search master class: in-demand positions and chocolate medals

Career Network Event
The end of June for Help in Change was marked by the productive work of Care in Change program participants who came to the interactive master class "Job search" with Oksana Olsson.

Oksana is an experienced expert in the field of education and employment. She shared valuable advice and best practices during the job search, as well as paid attention to how to catch the attention of employers and stand out among other candidates.
During the master class, the speaker talked about 8 ways to find a job, including social media, your own network, and even opening your own business. She also emphasized the importance of knowing the state job search assistance programs from Arbetsförmedlingen such as "Introductory jobs", "New Start Jobs", "Vocational introduction jobs", and "Wage subsidy".

After a brief reminder of the types of employment contracts and an analysis of in-demand professions in Sweden, the group moved on to practical work. We gave laptops to those who did not bring any with them, and the guests of the master class started looking for a job in real time, being able to ask Oksana about all the details.
This approach was well received, which was our main goal. An additional happy moment was a little awarding of winners of the competition for the best CV. The chocolate medals became a pleasant reward on the way to an invitation to an interview.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund