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A new page in our work: more coaching sessions for Ukrainians in Sweden!

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The Help in Change team is known for organizing integration events for Ukrainians in Stockholm. From the very beginning, we thought about how to make more such meetings to be able to help more people. This is what led us to creating the Wise Talk platform. It was launched in mid-November and in this article we would like to explain in detail what Wise Talk is and how it works.

So, Wise Talk is an online platform, a kind of social media, where professionals from various fields register to provide Ukrainians in Sweden with integration support. To see the list of mentors, you need to register on the platform and fill out the questionnaire sent by the platform coordinator.

Each of the professionals indicated in which area they can help, and also shared free time in their calendar for a consultation. Depending on your request, you can choose any of the specialists presented on the platform to have a session with. For free.

Mentors and mentees: who is who?
Everything is simple here. Mentors are professionals or specialists who will conduct sessions, and mentees are you, Ukrainians who are in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Wise Talk is not a classic mentoring program, so you are not "tied" to one mentor. Choose as many meetings as you need. Each time it can be a new mentor.

How to register on the platform?
  1. Search for Wise Talk on the site or follow the link. Register and fill out your profile in detail. This is necessary so that the mentor understands with whom the meeting is planned and what request you have. Your profile will not be seen by third parties, it is only visible to mentors and coordinators of the platform.
  2. Shortly after the registration, the coordinator of the platform will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. This is necessary in order to approve you on the platform as a mentee. The convenience is that Wise Talk has a built-in messenger, so all questions can be asked immediately within the platform. You can also message each mentor even before booking a session.

What does the session with the mentor look like?
On the platform, it is possible to book online meetings for 30 or 60 minutes. Choose what suits you best and send a request to the mentor. Please note that the session takes place in the system, you do not need to open Zoom, Google Meets or any other program.

At the appointed time, you join the meeting online, from any device and from any location convenient for you. You no longer need to spend time traveling to our office and waiting for your turn to ask a question. The entire meeting will be exclusively for you and based only on your request.

If necessary, you can book additional sessions with this same or another mentor.

Why is this convenient and what help can I get?
Personalized support: just you and a mentor, no group meetings.

Flexible sessions: online calls for 30 or 60 minutes, access from computer or phone.

Powerful experts: 35+ mentors from different industries, among whom you will find someone to help you.

Among other things, mentors help with the following:

  • Checking or writing a CV
  • Preparation for the interview
  • Salary discussion
  • Educational opportunities
  • Psychological consultation
  • Coaching
  • Language practice, etc.

The list of topics is very extensive, look for details in the mentors’ profiles.

Register on the platform, choose a mentor or several and ease your integration in Sweden.

Wise Talk is made for you!

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund