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Career coaching sessions from Help in Change. What are they about?

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On November 15 we held the first career coaching event. We received a lot of applications. Help in Change focuses on quality and deep approach and that is why only four sessions took place.
Why do you need a coaching session and what do they look like?
Work and professional development are an essential part of our lives. From our own experience, we know how difficult it is to choose the right direction to start in a new country. We understand this feeling of confusion and loss.

During our 45-minute sessions with career counselors, you will be able to work through your current situation and determine your next steps. It is very important to make a plan at the end of the session to write down what you need to do and set realistic terms to achieve your goal.
Why do we ask for information in advance?
Our team, together with consultants, work with your case before the session based on the information you send during registration. Each of the consultants makes an individual plan for you, which will help you achieve your goal.
If you have not yet decided on the goal and are still in complete confusion – we are here for you!
We will help you see hidden opportunities and share practical approaches for your successful career development.

Stay tuned for our news, another career session will happen in December.

Prepare your application already now!

For more information about our professional support, please visit Professional support section.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund