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Interview: cannot be repeated, but can be practiced

For the second time, the participants of our mentorship program had the opportunity to practice job interviews with professional recruiters! For one evening, our office turned into meeting rooms with recruiters in each of them.

It turned out to be an effective way to improve skills in English or Swedish, get tips on how to behave in an interview, discuss possible questions for the recruiter and answers to questions from the recruiter. We made it look like a game that was very similar to the real day of the job interview.
Initially, we planned to have about 30 minutes for each participant: a short introduction to the recruiter, 8-10 questions with answers, feedback from the recruiter about the answers, the interview process, posture, speech and behavior. However, some conversations were so interesting that they lasted almost an hour! This also happens in real companies, although not often.

Thank you to everyone for taking your time, preparing your CV and attending our event! We hope that the advice of our recruiters will be useful to you in your job search and you receive the long-awaited offer as soon as possible.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund