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Workshop with Oksana Olsson: learning to deal with employment in Sweden

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Some events are popular thanks to the speaker and others thanks to the topic. With Oksana Olsson it works both ways. Her competencies attract everyone who knows Oksana and almost every newcomer to Sweden wishes to have a career consultation from her.

So, in two hours, the workshop participants discussed 5 important questions:
  1. Employment agency Arbetsförmedlingen and job placement assistance programs. Information in Ukrainian can be read here.
  2. Types of employment contracts: permanent employment, trial period, temporary employment, temporary replacement of an employee, seasonal work and others.
  3. List of in-demand professions in Sweden for people with secondary and higher education until 2026
  4. The education system in Sweden: from SFI to university.
  5. Changing profession in Sweden: where and how long to study?
Oksana successfully combined theoretical material with the practice of interacting with the audience, so every visitor had the opportunity to answer questions or ask their own. Work in groups was especially active, when participants exchanged experiences with each other.

The workshop participants also learned that the position they are looking for in Sweden may not be called the same as in Ukraine. The speaker recommended resources where you can see an approximate list of job titles depending on the professional field.

To make it easier to understand how to choose "the one" in a whirlwind of vacancies, Oksana offered an interesting distribution of job types. Understanding what type of employment you need here and now can significantly help with the choice. There is no such thing as a good or bad job – it all depends solely on your needs. An "OK job" will suit someone while someone else already needs a "dream job".

At the end of the workshop, we received feedback which will be taken into account in the next events. We thank our participants and remind you to follow our news, because we regularly invite visitors outside the mentorship program.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund