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Teachers also learn: how was the meeting for educators

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There is currently a shortage of about 50,000 teachers in Sweden, which means more vacancies in this field and more opportunities to find work.

In order to reduce the barrier between Ukrainian jobseekers at Swedish employers, we organize offline meetings where we invite specialists of a certain industry to talk about their path of professional development in Sweden.

One of these meetings was an integration and educational networking event for Ukrainian teachers who came to Sweden because of the war. The event brought together experts in the field of education from Sweden with Ukrainian colleagues and turned into a lively two-hour discussion.
The invited guests were: Natalia Gura Strinnholm, Marija Rakickaja, Tanya Pedersen, Gunilla Bäcks, Oksana Basta, and Alona Nylander.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to chat at improvised round tables, changing them from time to time to talk to all the guests. In addition to exchanging experiences and recommendations, employment opportunities in the Swedish education system were discussed. It turned out to be a very productive professional networking. As a gift, the participants of the event received a note with useful information for those who would like to continue their teaching career in Sweden.

Feedback from our guests confirmed that such meetings are important and contribute to adaptation in a new country.
At the end of the meeting, we told our guests about the Wise Talk platform, where every Ukrainian who is in Sweden under a Temporary protection directive can receive similar advice from one of our mentors. Consultations on the platform are happening online and are free, so they save you a lot of time. The main thing is that they are focused on your specific request. If you have not yet joined Wise Talk, you can do so by following the link.
Thank you all for your active participation and we look forward to the next meetings!

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund