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In accounting language: Mingle for economists in the Help in Change office

Career Network Event
Now we are actively developing the direction of online consultations on the Wise Talk platform, where you don’t need to go to the office, and all questions can be asked 1-to-1 from a computer or your phone. At the same time, part of the meetings are held offline in groups. This is how the meeting for teachers and a meeting for economists and accountants took place, which we will tell you about in this publication.
It was an integration and educational networking event for Ukrainian accountants who came to Sweden because of the war. In addition to accountants, the mingle was attended by other specialists with economic education and experience in finance.
First of all, we would like to highlight the punctuality of all guests who arrived at our office exactly at the specified time. Secondly, we are very grateful to the speakers who agreed to share their experiences. Thirdly, on this very day, representatives of the European Social Fund, Britta Boström and Heidi Knorn, visited us. The ladies not only witnessed our event in real time, but also got a chance to chat with the guests and even join the discussions. It was a lucky coincidence that Britta was one more representative of the industry as she works as an accountant at the Svenska ESF-rådet. Our special thanks goes to the couple from Kalmar, who drove several hours to Stockholm just to attend our event!
The evening seemed loud and full not only because of the number of people in the room, but also because of the topic importance and many questions to the speakers.
The speakers were:

Svitlana Mitrofanova – FC WEB SERVICE & KONSULT KB, owner of an accounting bureau, shared her experience in accounting, auditing, salary consulting, and starting own business.

Anastasia Starikova – a business consultant and tax expert, the founder of her own accounting bureau Proffseconomics Sweden AB, which helps, among other things, to start a business in Sweden.

Olha Olin – a Head of Finance, Anti-Financial Crime unit in Swedbank, high-skilled professional with many years of expertise in finance.

Venstislav (Vincent) Dimov – an accounting economist with international experience, an employee of Axfood Company.
Based on the feedback we received during and after the event, everyone was satisfied with the outcome. As a proof, we suggest looking at the photos, where you can see for yourself how full the room was and how vibrant the communication.
If you missed this event but would like to get advice from a representative of the financial industry, sign up to Wise Talk platform, find a suitable specialist and book a free personal consultation.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund