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Job market in Sweden: Main points from Arbetsförmedlingen

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The number of workshops about the labor market in Sweden is hard to count, so it is definitely easy to get lost in this diversity. Help in Change's solution was to organize two such events. We held one at the beginning of the mentorship program and the second at the end. That helped us to emphasize the employment opportunities and the nuances of finding a job in Sweden.

As a speaker for the second workshop we invited Inga Smail, an employee of the Swedish employment service Arbetsförmedlingen. She talked about the latest news, tips and features of registration in the employment service, as well as support and assistance programs for Ukrainians from this organization.
To summarize the evening, the following зщштеі can be highlighted:

1. How to get unemployment status in Sweden?

2. Programs supporting the employment of Ukrainians (Introduktionsjobb, Nystartsjobb).
Introduktionsjobb or "introductory job" is employment with a private or public employer that allows you to start you work life. The employer who hires you will receive a subsidy on your wages. Such work is intended for those who have been unemployed for a long time or who have recently arrived in Sweden. You must be registered with the employment service as a job seeker.
You can read more here.

Nystartsjobb or "new start" enables people who have been out of work for a long time and those who have been absent from the labor market for a long time, for example due to illness, to return to working life.
Read more about the program here.
3. Lönebidrag subsidy.
Lönebidrag or "wage subsidy" is financial support from the employer in the form of compensation for adapting work tasks and working conditions to your capabilities and needs.

There are three types of wage subsidy:

  • Employment Development Wage Subsidy – to develop your skills and improve your employability to make it easier for you to find a job or start training in the future.
  • Employment Wage Subsidy – to increase your chances of getting and keeping a job that matches your skills and abilities.

Employment Protection Wage Subsidy – for those who need long-term support to get and keep a job.
The employer can be both private and public. Employment can be permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time. Details on the website of the employment service.
Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop and asked important questions.

We wish you success in your job search!
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