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Easy, fun, and artistic: highlights from theater workshop

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How can one turn a group of strangers into a team that in 5 minutes learned not only each other's names, but also zodiac signs? How to break it into 4 smaller teams with an incredible level of improvisation? We had no idea how, but Evheniia Ponomarova managed it professionally!

At first, shy participants of the workshop trusted the actress and started expressing themselves from different sides: through imagination, improvisation, memory, attention, thinking. For example, can a group interact without a leader? How exactly? It seems like simultaneous squatting and standing up is now that simple as it looks.
Later, the group began to laugh more and more often, and by the end of the workshop there were loud ovations. We saw an improvised mechanism, wondered about the possible "roles" of a pillow, played with imaginary objects and applauded mini-performances based on proverbs.
Unfortunately, the war "cuts off" happy emotions and drives people into chronic stress. It is hard to do anything in such a state. Our theater workshop was an attempt to release hidden and subliminal emotions and experience those simple things that lift people's spirits and help them do anything with joy. Judging by the photo, we managed to do it for at least two hours.
Thanks to all participants! It was the second successful workshop with Evgenia Ponomareva, you can read about the first one here.

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