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CV: Can it be perfect? We tried to find out with Oksana Olsson

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First of all, big thanks to everyone who attended our workshop and learned about tricks of CV preparation in Sweden! Let's start with answering the question from the title – yes, it is possible to make a perfect CV, but everyone’s CV will be unique. Moreover, there will be different perfect CVs for different jobs.

During two hours of collaborative work, the participants discussed the following issues:
  • "Yes" and "No" in CV preparation, common mistakes and how to avoid them. Important details with real examples, tips and recommendations for CV designing.
  • The importance of a cover letter and tips for writing it. Answers to questions and a few practical tasks in groups.
  • "I can’t fit it in one page": resume design services that will help with data placement.
Oksana Olsson gave useful advice on breaking down the CV preparation process into small steps, which would be especially useful for those who are stressed by the process and don't even want to start. Can you relate? When you can’t focus and don’t know where to begin, make an “inventory” of your skills, knowledge, and competencies. Analyze what you are good at, what kind of help you are most often asked for, and in which field you would like to use your knowledge.
Just like with your own skills, you can make an “inventory” of companies. Prepare a list of the companies you would like to work for and those you would not. Then, view the available vacancies and start preparing your CV. Depending on what information you want to highlight, it can be chronological, functional, or a combined CV.

When you're done with your CV, don't forget to write a cover letter where you explain to the potential employer why you should be hired.
We held a previous workshop on the same topic in February and received many favorable reviews. At first glance, it seems that the topic of CV is very simple and everyone has already talked about it. On the other hand, there are so many nuances in it that it is simply impossible to cover everything in one workshop, as the meeting with Oksana Olsson proved.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund