An Economist and HR Expert with a Passion for Children
Tetiana has a background in economics and human resources and simply loves being creative and playing with kids. Her unique mix of skills and enthusiasm for working with children drives her to pursue a career in education and childcare. Tetiana has completed HLR (CPR) training in 2023.
Tetiana is searching for opportunities to work in preschools or schools, while also considering internships in HR departments as an alternative path.

Tetiana is a highly qualified economist with 19 years of experience in Ukraine's pension fund system. Born to a mother who was a teacher, Tetiana has always had a strong affinity for working with children. Had she not become an economist, she would have chosen a career in education. Tetiana is also a mother of two, which has further strengthened her passion for childcare and education.

In her youth, Tetiana was a summer camp leader, further solidifying her interest and skills in working with children. She is passionate about playing games and engaging children in activities that stimulate their minds. In 2023, I completed training in HLR (CPR).

Tetiana can play accordion and piano. In addition to her musical abilities, she is skilled in knitting, handicrafts, and various other hands-on creative pursuits. Beyond these creative hobbies, Tetiana also enjoys swimming and cooking.

Working Experience

Throughout her career in Ukraine, Tetiana's responsibilities have included personnel management and organizational management. She advanced within her organization, finally working in the human resources department as a regional manager. Her duties included hiring employees and providing support as they transitioned into their roles.
What is great about Tetiana?

Tetiana possesses excellent organizational skills, making her an asset to any employer. She is an optimist, diligent, socially positive, and able to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. Tetiana is also highly creative and enjoys engaging with children through various activities.
Level of English: Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Kherson
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