Experienced Telecommunications
Systems Engineer
Tetiana is a skilled telecommunications technician with expertise in the installation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment and customer service.
Tetiana s seeking job opportunities related to the installation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment, troubleshooting and resolving technical issues, and has a particular interest in analog and digital diagnostic and repair techniques for computers and printers.

Additionally, she is open to working in warehouse management, online order management, and archive maintenance.

Tetiana holds a degree in Electric Engineering of Railway Transport and an Associate Degree in Telecommunications Technician. She completed an internship at IKEA in Sweden, providing her with insight into Swedish work culture and practices.

Tetiana has a passion for crocheting and enjoys creating various handmade items using this technique during her free time. She also values spending time with her children and family.

Working Experience

With over 15 years of experience as a Telecommunications Systems Engineer, Tetiana has gained expertise in laying and installing cables, setting up PBX software, analyzing alarms from monitoring systems, and preventing possible failures in telecommunication systems. She is also skilled in equipment maintenance, routine testing, and measurements. In her most recent role as a 1st Line Customer Support Specialist at JSC "Ukrtelecom", Tetiana provided information and technical support to consumers and efficiently resolved technical issues.
What is great about Tetiana?

Tetiana has a calm and friendly personality, which makes it easy for her to build good relationships with people. She has a lot of experience working with documentation and is highly organized.
Level of English: Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Intermediate
Lives in Stockholm, Huddinge
Lived in Ukraine: Donetsk / Kharkiv
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