Help us support Ukrainian refugees in Stockholm

There are several ways to support us!

Our volunteers work with Ukrainian refugees on daily basis supporting them with their basic needs.
Become a sponsor
We will happily accept donations of necessities like:
- clothes, underwear and shoes,
- toys and diapers,
- pet food, etc.

If you want to become a sponsor, send an email to with your name, your contact details, your company if you represent one, and a short description of how you would like to help

Make a donation
Bankgiro: 5877-3607
Konto: 5255 10 795 94
Swish: 1236653463
Message: Donation

Your donation will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs, including help like:
- emergency medicine needs based on prescription
- basic hygiene products
- kid's ongoing needs
- cat and dog food

Become a member
Apply for membership by filling in the form: link and paying the membership fee.
You can pay your membership fee via:
Bankgiro: 5877-3607
SWISH: 1236653463

The annual cost of membership is 250 sek.
Please indicate 'medlemsavgift' or 'membership fee' in the payment details.