Wise Talk is a digital space where professionals in different areas meet those who have questions about integration in Sweden.

With support from Svenska ESF-rådet we created a platform where professionals meet mentees and help them in various ways.
How Wise Talk Works
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Talk request
Mentees request sessions with mentors. Mentors will receive an email to confirm availability
Wise Talk session
30 or 60 minutes sessions are available for you.
It is okay to request additional sessions if needed
Who is a Mentor?
Your role is to share your experience through online sessions.

Let us give you some hints.
You might be:
  • An expert in any industry who is ready to share their experience
  • A professional mentor who wants to support someone's journey in Sweden
  • A career coach who knows how to enter or proceed on the job market
  • A language buddy who is willing to help break that barrier and start speaking English or Swedish fluently
  • A mental health specialist, wellness specialist, etc.
  • None of the above but you have expertise, time, and desire to help others
Who is a Mentee?
You are our mentee if you are an Ukrainian under Temporary Protection Directive who is planning your next steps in Sweden.

Your actual situation might be:
  • You have a first job but looking for a dream job
  • You are looking for ways to adapt your experience from Ukraine in Sweden
  • You would like to gain completely new experience in Sweden
  • You have a specific question and don't feel comfortable asking someone you know (job contracts, salary negotiation, quitting, etc.)
  • You would like to know more about Swedish society but don't know where to start
With Wise Talk you will

Fulfill your passion of helping those in need

Grow your personal and professional network

Learn and grow across
your expertise

Find shortcuts to succeed
in your integration

Ask experts directly about their experience and advice

Improve your networking skills and get missing knowledge
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