A Financial Management Graduate with Diverse IT Experience
Natalia is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a background in finance, sales, and IT support.
Natalia is open to internships in front-end development or positions as a project manager or technical support specialist.

Natalia started her career in the insurance industry. She later transitioned into sales, working in a company that specialized in window and door fittings. In this role, Natalia took on various responsibilities, including administration, supplier management, customer support and other tasks.

In her free time, Natalia likes to dance salsa and spend time outdoors in nature. She has a curious personality and enjoys taking on new challenges.

Working Experience - A new chapter in IT

For the last three years, Natalia has been working in IT support. Prior to this, she completed courses in software testing and front-end programming to develop her skills in the field. In 2020 she was employed as a Customer Support Manager in a SaaS company. In this position, she applied her skills in SaaS support, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Natalia also developed her management skills while working there.

In Sweden, Natalia continues to build on her IT knowledge, completing an 8-month IT course and learning front-end development, React, and JavaScript. She is also a participant in a React program run by Microsoft, which aims to introduce participants to the Swedish IT market.
What is great about Natalia?

Natalia's educational background in finance has equipped her with an analytical mindset, allowing her to understand how companies operate. Her diverse work experience, from interacting closely with clients and suppliers to collaborating with different company departments, highlights her adaptability and strong communication skills.

Additionally, Natalia's keen interest in technology and dedication to learning web development demonstrates her commitment to staying current in the rapidly evolving IT industry. Her enthusiasm for IT and desire to work in this area make her an excellent candidate for technology-driven roles.

Level of English: Fluent
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine:
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