Expert in Language Teaching & Translation
Meet Maryna, a talented Ukrainian language specialist who excels in both teaching and translation. Her enthusiasm for teaching and sharing knowledge ensure an effective and enjoyable learning journey for her students.
Maryna is looking for a job as an English teacher and is happy to work both with kids as well as adults.

Maryna holds a degree in English language teaching and translation. Although she has experience working as a translator, her primary focus has been on teaching English. Throughout her career, Maryna has provided both private and group instruction to a diverse range of students. Since arriving in Sweden, she has actively participated in several projects that involve teaching English to fellow Ukrainians.

To further her understanding of the local education system, she is enrolled in a three-month program at Dalarna University called "Introduction to the Swedish Education System." Additionally, Maryna has experience as a modersmållärare, teaching Russian as a native language.

Maryna enjoys learning to play the violin, participating in a choir, attending drawing classes, hiking, and cycling. Maryna is also planning to create English language lessons on YouTube.

Working Experience

Maryna has a total of 7 years of experience working as a translator and office manager. She has applied her skills in various contexts, such as a Russia-India trade company and a Ukraine-Austria grain company, where she effectively managed office operations and fulfilled her duties as a translator. Her responsibilities included managing day-to-day operations and ensuring clear communication between business partners.

Throughout the majority of her career, Maryna has dedicated herself to teaching English, highlighting her passion and commitment to language education.

In the education sector, Maryna has taught English at ABF Stockholm and currently teaches at Framtidståget for Ukrainian refugees. Her expertise in translation also led her to work with Google Incubator, where she provided translation for Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Sweden.
What is great about Maryna?

Maryna's extensive experience in teaching and translation, perceptive and calm personality, and adaptability to local cultures make her a valuable asset for potential employers.
Level of English: Professional
Level of Swedish: Intermediate
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine:
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