A passionate UX/UI designer with a fresh perspective
Design • IT • ART
Larysa exemplifies an unwavering dedication to realizing her passion for design.
Currently, she is actively seeking an internship opportunity in the role of a UX/UI designer, with a commitment to furthering her professional journey.

Larysa has an economics degree but her passion for design took over and led her to develop her skills as a UX/UI designer. She moved to Sweden one year ago and started learning Swedish language and culture. Shortly after that she successfully finished professional courses and got skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and continued learning UX/UI design.


As she works as a volunteer and freelance designer, Larysa actively seeks opportunities to further develop her knowledge. Her skill set includes user research, wireframing, prototyping, interaction, and visual design. Her tools of the trade, including Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, enable her to shape ideas into compelling designs. She efficiently brings concepts to life thanks to her background and different angles of seeing things. We invite you to explore Larysa's evolving design narrative through her portfolio. By connecting with her, you'll be a part of her journey as a new professional in Sweden.
What sets Larysa apart?

Her multicultural background. It infuses a fresh perspective and adaptability into Larysa's creative process.
Level of English: Professional
Level of Swedish: Pre-Intermediate
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Kyiv
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