A highly skilled business analyst with an IT background
IT • Finance
Iryna is a multifaceted talent. Her combination of IT, economics, and banking experience makes her a strong candidate for a variety of roles in both tech and finance sectors.
Iryna is looking for a job as a business analyst in a bank or an IT company and is also interested in a system analyst (systemanalytiker) position.

Iryna has a degree in programming and another in economics. She started her career as an ICT teacher before moving into the banking sector. Her solid background in both technical and financial areas makes her a flexible and valuable team member for any employer.
In her leisure time, Iryna is passionate about gardening, particularly growing flowers, and enjoys dog training and rollerblading. She has also discovered a love for felting with wool.

Working Experience

Iryna has 14 years of experience as a business analyst, focusing on the automation of banking systems. Her most notable achievements include switching to new automated bank systems for pledges, payroll projects, and corporate cards, as well as managing the operational merging of Renaissance Capital Bank and First Ukrainian International Bank. Additionally, she has overseen the commissioning of a new Client-Bank Online system, implemented bank system change requests, launched financial leasing products on the Credit Front, and enforced pledges while making credit decisions for large corporate business clients.

Iryna possesses a unique combination of technical and financial expertise. She has a great analytical mind and a high level of financial literacy. She also possesses a deep understanding of how businesses operate and how different departments collaborate.
What makes Iryna stand out?

Iryna possesses excellent soft skills like effective communication, a passion for teamwork, and a talent for solving conflicts. Her curiosity plays a crucial role in her success as a business analyst, as she consistently takes on new tasks and delves into new projects. These exceptional qualities make Iryna a valuable employee, ready to contribute positively to any team.
Level of English: Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm, Nacka
Lived in Ukraine: Donetsk / Kyiv
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