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Orthopedic shoes for refugees

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Our volunteer Elena Pavlova coordinated the campaign to provide orthopedic shoes to refugees from Ukraine. Here is her story about how the campaign went.

In November 2022, Help in Change gratefully accepted the donation of four pallets of orthopedic shoes for distribution to Ukrainian refugees. The shoes were generously donated by Camp Pro , a company involved in the development of orthopedic products, their production and promotion on the market.

During the campaign Help in Change organized a shoe distribution point, found people who needed such shoes, and, if necessary, delivered shoes with the necessary characteristics directly to the recipients. The first recipients of the shoes were people with diseases and various specific features of feet (such as high lifting, flat or wide feet), after foot surgery, the elderly, people with irregular sizes, and families with many children.

So far, more than 250 pairs of shoes have been distributed to both those living in the Stockholm region and other areas of Sweden. For example, Ukrainian refugees from the retirement home in Nacka, residents of the settlements in Vällingby, Farsta, Bandhagen, Varmdö, Sickla, Rissne as well as those in Boden, Alunda and Motala have received shoes.

As Elena Pavlova described it, “There were so many words of gratitude! There were so many happy faces! One woman said, "I don't know who you are, but you are an angel!”

Elena Pavlova, as well as Help in Change team, would like to pass on these thanks to Camp Pro and everyone who took part in the campaign. Thank you so much! You are the best!