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Summer evening on the terrace: language courses celebration

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We hope you already know this, but let's repeat it just in case. The Care in Change project consists of several parts, including a mentorship program, integration activities, and Swedish and English language courses. Since the fall of last year, Ukrainians living in Stockholm under the Directive have been studying languages with our teachers, and in mid-June 2023 this studying ended with a small celebration on one of the summer terraces.
The warm weather with white nights added to the summer mood, so we had time to enjoy the smiles of each guest. The invited photographer Oleksandra took vibrant photos that we want to share with you today.

The evening started with a mingle, popular informal communication in Sweden on any topic with the people present at the event. By the way, it is not necessary to know a person, the main thing is to be curious and open to new acquaintances. The official part was started by teachers – Anna Zoteeva, Oksana Basta, Victoria Grigoryeva and Carlo Cassisa, who handed out diplomas to their students and gave them farewell speeches. It was immediately noticeable how friendly the groups we worked with, everyone supported each other and was happy for each "graduate".
A real test of knowledge about Sweden was a quiz by Anna Zoteeva. Those who knew all the answers did not want to give up to those who tried to guess the answers, but in the end three winners were still chosen. So, through the game, all the guests of the event got to know each other better and exchanged impressions about their studies.
We believe that you will continue improving your knowledge of English and Swedish, because you have already come a long way since the first lesson. Look for new friends, chat on the streets and don't forget our lessons. And we won't forget you. Thank you for being a part of Care in Change!

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund