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The sun is inside (Солнце всерединi)

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On July 13, Help in Change held an event called “Солнце всерединi” (The sun is inside)

. The event was organized by women for women. Most of the refugees who had to flee Ukraine are women with children. Often these women had to leave their husbands at their homeland and single-handedly take on the responsibility to establish themselves and their children in a completely new country.

All this stress can be overwhelming. So, Lana, Svetlana, and Ekaterina decided to organize an event where women could relax in a woman’s circle. During the event, the women first got to know each other better through Well-Being Cards. Then, Svetlana Lundqvist (owner of a yoga studio - led a practice on body relaxation and stress relief through physical activity. Later on, Lana Karlen (transformational coach and trainer - conducted an aromatherapy meditation with oils, which helps calm down and get into the right state of mind. In the end, participants had casual conversations over fika.

We received grate feedback from the participant who told us that the event helped them find an island of tranquility in these challenging and uncertain times