A lawyer with experience in international agricultural projects and expertise in crowdfunding platforms
Anna is a talented legal professional and attorney from Ukraine with a diverse range of interests and skills. She is passionate about working with social projects and making a positive impact on others.
Anna seeks administrative roles in Stockholm or social project opportunities, where she can apply her diverse skills and passion for helping others.

Anna is a skilled legal professional with a law degree and experience working in both public and private sectors in Ukraine. She has a strong passion for fashion design and once dreamt of becoming a designer.

Anna is considering furthering her education in project management and business process coordination, as she recognizes the value these skills would bring to her professional pursuits and her ability to contribute even more effectively to her areas of interest.

Driven by her dedication to self-improvement, personal growth, and assisting others, Anna seeks to make a meaningful impact in her community. As part of her personal development journey, she completed an art therapy course and now harnesses her creativity to organize weekly art meetings.

Working Experience

Anna has a diverse work background from both public and private sectors. In the last six years, she was part of an international Canadian project called "Socodevi", where she assisted small farmers and helped develop dairy cooperatives. This opportunity to support the growth of small farmers and align them with international standards was a great and fulfilling chapter in Anna's legal career.

Later, she started to working on an online crowdfunding platform. The platform connects small initiatives and social projects with funding, allowing Anna to combine her legal expertise and organizational skills as a business coordinator.
What is great about Anna?

Anna's unique skill set, which includes a strong law background, international project experience, and a talent for blending legal knowledge with organizational skills as a business coordinator, makes her a valuable employee for any organization.
Level of English: Intermediate
Level of Swedish: Beginner
Lives in Stockholm
Lived in Ukraine: Dnipro
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